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Made you click.

I Am Eskew is a much-loved side project for me. I'm lucky enough to have a day-job that pays me enough, and no kids or dependents for now.


I also got one of those Nespresso machines for Christmas, so I don't need to buy cups of coffee either.

So if you did click on this link wanting to support a rookie, home-brewed, small-audience podcast, thank you so much! It's massively appreciated in itself. Here are three further actions you can take, if you're so inclined.


1) Tell your friends about the show, or leave us a review on iTunes. (I do enjoy being under-the-radar, but more comments, reviews and clicks are always welcome.)


2) Pay it forward and make a small Patreon donation to another audio-drama or audio-fiction podcast you enjoy, especially if it has a solo creator - there are tons of us out there and all of us could use some love.

3) Make your intended donation to a missing-persons charity like Missing People in the UK or LostNMissing in the USA. People vanish every day across the world - many of them children or teenagers running away from home, and finding themselves living rough as a result. Support services can do a great deal of good in tracking missing people down and providing them with the help they need.

Thanks again, and lots of love.

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