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The summary


I Am In Eskew is a (usually) fortnightly horror storytelling podcast, taking place in the peculiar city of Eskew - a place of steep and winding streets, where the architecture changes at will, and the rain never stops.


You can find all episodes here.


Transcripts are available here.


The synopsis


I Am In Eskew is a single-narrator audio-drama, with one foot in horror and another in weird fiction / fantasy.


Our narrator is David Ward, a man apparently trapped in the bizarre and ever-changing city of Eskew. Every episode, he explores some new element of the city - or finds himself trapped by a new horror, no matter how hard he’s trying to escape.


Over time, we begin to hear from Riyo, an investigator in London who’s been hired to search for David - and finds herself drawn into the weird orbit of Eskew.


Influences include Thomas Ligotti and Junji Ito; the show has also been compared tonally with the works of HP Lovecraft and China Mieville.


At the time of writing, individual episodes don’t feature content warnings, but listeners should note that the show as a whole contains frequent and consistent scenes of body horror, disturbing behaviour, and bloodiness. We're making an effort to emphasise this wherever we can without spoiling the tone of the show, but if you think we're not doing enough, just let us know.


All writing, editing and narrating is carried out by the same two-person team, using Audacity, in a sound booth that looks suspiciously like a blanket fort.


Contact us


If you’ve got any burning questions about the show, or you have any ideas or thoughts about it, we’d love to hear from you: you can contact us at

We're also on Twitter (or if you prefer, some amazing people have set up their own Eskew discussion group on Facebook and it's great!).

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