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I Am In Eskew is a fortnightly horror podcast, taking place in a nightmarish and ever-changing city.

This show contains frequent scenes of body horror, bloodiness, and disturbing behaviour. (Detailed content warnings for episodes can be found below.)

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Individual episodes may contain:



Episode 1: Correspondence

Moderate body horror (extended)


Episode 2: Reproduction

One mention of dismemberment (middle)


Episode 3: Excavation

Graphic body horror and violence (extended)


Episode 4: Culpability

Graphic violence (extended), child peril (extended) and child death (end)


Episode 5: Illumination

Suicidal ideation (extended), implied infanticide (end)


Episode 6: Intrusion



Episode 7: Edibility

Body horror (extended), implied cannibalism


Episode 8: Motivation

One scene of moderate body horror (end)


Episode 9: Respite

Moderate body horror, disfigurement (middle-to-end)


Episode 10: Performance

Moderate body horror (middle-to-end)


Episode 11: Product

One violent scene (end), implied animal death, late-stage capitalism


Episode 12: Alliance

One scene of moderate body horror (middle)


Episode 13: Embroidery

Graphic body horror and family violence (extended, end)


Episode 14: Woe

One scene of moderate body horror (end)


Episode 15: Crossroads



Episode 16: Tenancy



Episode 17: Reflection

Implied dismemberment (end)


Episode 18: Leakage

One scene of graphic violence (end)


Episode 19: Bug



Episode 20: Cruelty

One scene of graphic violence (middle), physical and mental schoolyard abuse (extended)


Episode 21: Border

Implied child death (middle and end)


Episode 22: Ingratitude

Implied child death and child abandonment (middle and end)

Episode 23: Mindfulness


Episode 24: Festivity

One scene of violence and mass death by burning (end)

Episode 25: Melody

One scene of mild body horror (end).

Episode 26: Outbreak

Scenes of self-mutilation and graphic violence (middle to end).

Episode 27: Breakout

Mild body horror (end).

Episode 28: Belonging

Unhappy relationships

Episode 29: Victory

Mild-to-moderate body horror (middle, end)

Episode 30: The Boy Who Saw Cracks In The World

Some upsetting scenes

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